Caring for your Pearl Jewellery

To maintain this precious jewel, here are 6 points to consider:

  • Storing your pearls with other jewelleries is not a good idea because these stones may scratch one another. Instead, keep your pearl in a fabric lined jewellery case or box with dividers, or wrap each piece in tissue paper before keeping it.
  • Remove your pearl jewellery before playing sport, gardening, performing household tasks, showering, or having a bath.
  • Wipe your pearl jewellery after wearing it to remove dirt and maintain its cleanliness.
  • Never clean pearls in an ultrasonic cleaner, detergents, bleaches, baking powder or ammonia-based products. Instead wash your pearl in a cool water using mild soap and let it dry by laying it on a moist towel.
  • Do not dry or store your pearls near a heater, or in direct sunlight, as they will dry too out when the moist towel dries.
  • If the string breaks, tie knot between each pearl to prevent loss. Have your pearls restrung at least once a year