For centuries, pearls are treasured by ancient cultures around the world. Pearl is unique, being the product of a living animal. A pearl looks great on just about any plain attire, giving a touch of class and accentuating its beauty. Newcastle Jewellery offers many different types of pearls from around the globe to suit your taste and style. You can choose from Tahitian Pearls, Akoya Pearls, or Australian South Sea Pearls.

Like diamonds, pearls comes in different size, colors and shapes. No two pearls are exactly alike. To know how precious a pearl is, look for the deep inner glow and shimmering iridescence, known as orient.  Look also for exact symmetrical shapes which includes round, pear shape, tear shape, and oval. The more symmetrical it is, the more precious a pearl is. A baroque pearl is of asymmetrical shape.

A real pearl can’t be completely flawless, however. Majority of authentic pearls bear small natural blemishes; so watch out for cracks, chips, or distorted blemishes. Newcastle Jewellery ensures you that every peal is authentic. Feel free to choose pearl bracelets, pearl earrings, pearl necklace, and pearl wedding/engagement rings here.