Caring for your Opal Jewellery

Compared to other gems like diamonds or sapphires, opals are more delicate. Here are 5 points to remember in caring for your opal jewellery:

  • Wearing opal everyday is not advisable; especially when when playing sport, gardening or performing household tasks.
  • Remove your opal jewellery before showering, having a bath or immersing your hands in hot water; to avoid sudden change of temperature.
  • It is good to apply perfumes, colognes and toiletries before you put your opal jewellery on.
  • Do not soak your opal jewellery in household cleaners or detergents. Instead, rub it softly with a tissue or piece of silk to clean it.
  • Storing your opals with other jewelleries is not a good idea because these stones may scratch one another. Instead, keep your opal jewellery in a fabric lined jewellery case or box with dividers, or wrap each piece in tissue paper before keeping it.